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Group Facilitation

I love what can happen in a circle of people! I’ve had 30 years of experience facilitating groups, small and large, all across Canada. I’m committed to the ASPIRE model of creative program design and popular education practices initiated by Tatamagouche Centre. This model encourages personal and community transformation and has provided the basis for innovative local programs throughout the Maritimes.


I’ll bring energy, creativity and good humor to my work with you to design a process that uniquely serves your goals. If your group chooses to team up with me, you can expect:

  • To collaborate on clarifying the group’s unique objectives

  • To collectively, intentionally create a safe environment for all involved

  • To participate in a flexible, interactive and transparent process

  • To engage topics using a variety of approaches, respecting diverse learning styles

  • To make time for engagement, reflection and evaluation


My aim is to provide effective facilitation that ultimately contributes to the development of a peaceful society and right relationships with each other and the world in which we live.

For inquiries and fees please refer to the "Contact" page!


The following are examples of retreats I've designed and led.

Imagine the unique experience we might create together!

Still Standing: Gathering on the Summer Solstice

“Just what we needed! A real lift. I feel invigorated.”- P.W.

During the summer solstice the sun sits at its highest peak in the sky. This is the longest day of the year and the beginning of a new summer season. Solstice is derived from two Latin words: “sol" meaning sun, and "sistere”, to cause to stand still. As the summer solstice approaches, the noonday sun rises higher and higher until, on the day of the solstice, it appears to stand still. This gathering will provide an opportunity for women to celebrate together in the new light of summer; to practice standing still and reflect on our spiritual journey; and to explore the possibility of shadow-free living!

Hallowed Ground: A Retreat on All Hallows Eve

" lived up to the theme.  What a beautiful sunny, uplifting day.  All our worries and fears were left at the door where we entered and felt much lighter when we departed.  My life was enriched.” - M.M

Rejuvenate your body, renew your spirit, rekindle your dreams! In this season of harvest and abundance, a circle of women gathers to delight in the gifts of the spirit and to explore the hallowed ground of our being. This retreat day will provide time for conversation and spiritual reflection,

dream-work and music, food and fun

Holy Heretics

“Robyn is such an imaginative, encouraging leader. I found myself expressing thoughts I’ve never shared with anyone before! I felt comfortable and courageous at the same time!” -D.R.

What do we believe in a world beyond belief? We'll explore contemporary, progressive, expansive approaches to Christian faith and enjoy the company of other explorers. Circle 1 – Holy: strengthening the circle and bringing us fully into the moment and presence of compassion. Circle 2 – Heretic: includes time for conversations, questioning the conventions of faith and articulating our personal beliefs. Circle 3 – Hereafter: reflecting, naming essential values and preparing to go forward.

Meaningful Conversations - A Women’s Day Away 

"I was quite anxious about having a meaningful conversation with my 13- year-old self but... I knew I was among truly fine women whose compassion, thoughtfulness and good humour made the day of retreat and learning together very special." U.K.

This day away will provide the opportunity to enter deeply into dialogue with the Sacred within us, between us and beyond us which eagerly awaits our attention. Come and enjoy conversations laced with laughter, significance and imagination. Simine Vazire, PhD, (Assistant Professor of Psychology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University) reports “Having more conversation, no matter how trivial, appears to be associated with a greater sense of happiness among the people in our study. The happiest were people who engaged often in more meaningful and substantive discussions.”

The Spirit of Chocolate

“What can I say? This day was a lovely surprise. I learned a lot, and the chocolate topped it off.” -C.M.

When it comes to chocolate, we all have preferences -- dark, milk, white, ruby, cocoa, semi-sweet, bittersweet, couverture, etc. We all have preferences as we relate to others and the world around us. And we also have preferences as we relate to the Divine, Godde, or “the fully shared life at the heart of the universe on whom our hearts rely” (SoF,2006). Using chocolate – its story, shape and significance - as our guide, we’ll seek to give shape and definition to our personal spiritual journey. This retreat is especially well-suited to the season of Lent. Bring a sample of your favorite chocolate

Victoria’s Not-So-Secret Retreat

“It was at times hilarious, deeply serious, provocative and challenging.” C.T.

Women who are decidedly un-Victorian in appearance and attitude are cordially invited to a weekend event laced with good humor, frolicsome activities and great conversation. In the stiff corset moments, we will spend time considering the effect of secrets and limiting beliefs on our personal freedom and spiritual health.

A FUNdamental Retreat

“I feel like I’ve decluttered my soul! I feel lighter! Thanks Robyn!” L.S.

We live full, busy lives. Every day we make decisions that reflect our spiritual grounding and personal hopes, even when unaware we’re doing so. These fundamental beliefs have changed a lot since we were children… or have they? Here’s an opportunity to take a deep breath, to reflect on our personal bedrock beliefs and to our journey so far. We’ll take time to imagine a future, not grounded in creeds or concepts determined by an exterior authority, but in an authentic personal experience rooted in our own inner voice. We will also make space for conversation, food, fun, music and community! Let’s put the ‘FUN’ back in FUNdamental!

For inquiries and fees please refer to the "Contact" page!

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