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Why Blue Egg?


Well, obviously my name is ‘Robyn’, but that’s not why I’ve chosen to brand my work Blue Egg Counselling.  When I think about a robin’s blue eggs, I picture a scene similar to the painting, entitled ‘Nest’ (artist, Holly Carr) – a small nest, with tiny blue eggs tucked inside.


This is an image of Springtime, of new life and possibility. What lies ahead for the lives inside the shells is unseen, unknown and unpredictable. I believe when people make the decision to seek counselling, they are choosing a new beginning for their lives and are open to exploring possibilities as yet unrevealed. It can be a very exciting moment. As a counsellor, I am grateful to be engaged with you in a time of discovery.


This is also an illustration of vulnerability as the delicate blue eggs rest inside a protective nest. When people opt to sit down with me and share their stories, they may feel that they’re placing themselves in a risky or exposed situation. I appreciate this. I intentionally chose training in Narrative Therapy practices because they are collaborative and respect the storyteller as the expert in their own story. These practices put people’s hopes, dreams and knowledges in the center of the conversation. As a one-on-one counsellor and group facilitator, I seek to create an open, inviting and safe space in which stories can be explored, and your preferred story developed.

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