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Initial Contact

Robyn and the counselee will have an initial conversation to briefly get acquainted and in order to decide if they want to proceed to their first appointment. If both Robyn and the counselee agree to proceed, Robyn will provide the counselee with an Informed consent document outlining expectations and agreements. This document must be signed by both parties before appointments begin.


**Due to Covid19 Public Health Guidelines, it may not be possible to arrange face to face meetings at this time. However, appointments may be arranged via phone or online.**

Lets Talk!

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Counselling Appointments

It can be expected that a typical meeting will last 60 – 75 minutes. Robyn and the counselee will mutually agree to a schedule of meetings that will work effectively for them. If she will be late, she will call or text, and she would appreciate the same courtesy in return. If either Robyn or the counselee cannot keep an appointment, they will contact the other at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule, exceptions being made for sudden illness or situations over which we have no control.


Counselling Fees & Payment

Standard fees are $50 per session, with payment due within 24 hours of service, preferably via e-transfer.  It is Robyn’s belief that limited finances should not be a barrier to wellbeing and so an alternative fee can be negotiated. Group sessions are also available with fees dependent upon the size of the group and number of hours involved.


Retreat Fees

The design and delivery of a 2-day retreat requires a minimum of 45 – 60 hours work. Please contact Robyn directly to negotiate an acceptable honorarium. The current ground travel reimbursement is 41 cents per kilometer. Extra expenses for supplies or resources required for the retreat will be invoiced to the retreat organizers.



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